Get Something Started – Kickstart To Your Course

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Lara Garrett Everett - Reply

Wow Kathy, this was awesome. it’s almost 3 a.m. and I want to get started right now, lol.
I’ve taken detailed notes and made my Routine cards. My schedule is not regular so I may need to do some swapping of routines. I work nights Sunday-Thursday, leaving the house before 10 p.m. and leaving work about 7 a.m. a set bedtime has been a problem since sometimes I have an appointment (which may be at my “middle of the night”, or I may have to wait for normal working hours to run an errand or pay a bill. I try to allow plenty of time for sleep since at times it is difficult to sleep during the day (noise, too much going through my head and can’t turn it off, etc., and have gone weeks struggling to sleep more than 2-2 1/2 hours per day), but then, sometimes it all clicks and I have periods of time that I sleep like a baby – then we get laid off, LOL. But to add to the craziness, I try to blend in to a “normal” weekend. But all in all, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got to figure out which is my morning and which is my night and which routines might work better if they were switched.

Planner; I have a beautiful Hot Red leather planner (yes, I used to live by a planner, lol) that just makes me feel good. It’s in the basement (lol) so I will start with that, but I might like to use a standard size notebook when it comes time to print and add note pages – which do you recommend? (I haven’t looked around on the site yet, so that information may be here).

Also, the Door Bags. (And again, the info may be here, I’ll be looking around a bit before I go to bed.), what do yours look like? do you sell them or have a pattern? Or is it self explanatory?

I think that’s everything, but it seems like I’m forgetting something (that I didn’t get written down, LOL).
Sorry I’m getting such a late start. After the month access, how much is continued access. I don’t want to lose this – I’d just about get every work tattooed on my body so I’d always have it, LOL! Gosh! I’m loving this SO much! I’m thinking this could help me get the Tea business up and running and actually making money, or possibly find my niche. I’m really lovin’ this, Kathy. I’m eternally grateful.

So far, the bedtime thing seems to be the most challenging for me and staying asleep so I can stick to the routines – but that sounds like an excuse! LOL

Good night, Kathy. God bless you for all you do.


Linda Vallier - Reply

Wonderful stuff! I’ve been a follower of the SHE system for a while, but have fallen off track with some life changes, this will be the perfect kick start! My largest ongoing hurdle will be my loving hubby of 40 years, who as time passed, developed serious paper hoarding habits. I do what I can to clean around his piles, but they are so unsightly, and he really feels he “needs” each and every scrap. I’m in recovery myself, so have some understanding of addiction and addictive behavior.

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