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Yesterday Katie, Emily my grandson Daniel & I were going to
the mall. I needed to get a steamer and we were also going to
eat there.

Kate started telling me about something, and I realized that it was a
great topic for “Throw it Out Thursday”.

She talked about how letting go of the expectations she had
on other people gave her so much freedom. And that she decided
to just throw them out and then replace them with other expectations.

But not expectations from those people.

She replaced those expectations with Words of promise
from her brand of faith, which came from The Bible.

She talked about how she realized that it was unfair to expect
to get her needs met from people, and when she thought about it
she expected even less from herself than she did others.

She did a specific thing. She wrote down on a piece of paper 25
things that she expected from each person, and then replaced
each one with what she could expect from God and herself.

She talked about how she felt as if she was more productive in life,
because while she didn’t want to admit it, depression began
to raise it’s ugly head, which sent her to bed, watching re-runs of
the office and with a pint of ice cream.

I talk about how in my book I go through this very subject.

I write about forgiveness and that the word forgive does not mean
that what someone did to you was OK, but that you are willing
to let go of that injustice or wrong done to you.

Because holding onto it does you no service. It actually hurts you.

I have a paragraph in my book “Finally Organzied” and I promised
in the video that I would send it to you and here it is.

It is what you can say when you are ready to let go of past hurts.

“I know that what was done to me and the things that were said
to me were not right, even very wrong, but still, I can make a
conscious decision to take my life back and forgive (let go of)
what was done. That person or those people cannot pay the price
to restore what was taken from me. I will stop expecting payment.
I will let go of those actions against me and leave them on the curb.
If a thought comes up that makes me feel bad, I will meditate, seek
help, talk to someone, read something inspirational, but I will not
continue down the road of self-pity. I acknowledge the fact that I
was hurt, I validate my feelings by the realization that those things
did happen to me, but I refuse to lose another minute of my life,
going back to a time that cannot serve me. I am thankful that I am
Free. Help me God to continue on to a new road, one that I choose
to take and not one that was chosen for me.”

Throw away all things that don’t serve you and you will see that somehow
it becomes easier to get rid of those tangible things that are cluttering our
Forward this to anyone you think it could help please.

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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