TIOT! Cabinet Hardware and memories

We know, that to have an organized life we have to live clutter free.
We want to have a clean home, we know it isn’t about cleaning.

We know how to clean, but we don’t know how to keep it that way.

It isn’t easy to declutter when we are attached to THINGS.

If we don’t know what is junk and what is treasure and how to distinguish
between the two, it is easy to become buried in a mess.

I used to wonder if I was a hoarder… because, after all, isn’t keeping
things – the act of hoarding?

I kept stuff that my brothers and sisters would have just dumped!

I have never gotten as far as HOARDING. But some may have
argued that it got close.

When we keep things that we don’t even like, we have to wonder.
Why do we hold onto things? When did STUFF become TIME?

When did STUFF become the actual memory or the person I was
thinking of when I saw an item?

If you remember I’ve been working on my kitchen. I did a motivation
Monday a couple of weeks ago with fresh sunflowers.

I said, that I could use those flowers as motivation for me to finish painting
the woodwork and doors in my kitchen.

See, I figured, I had to get the painting done before the flowers died so
that I could enjoy how lovely they would look when it was all finished!

I am almost done with the kitchen. I love to start things, I don’t like to finish
them, so I always find ways to TRICK myself into getting stuff done!

Don’t you ever find that too? Liking to start, but not liking to finish?

Painting a new color is fun! Painting WHITE over WHITE just get’s
boring after a while…

and that is when I have to get creative and MOTIVATE myself SOMEHOW
to get it done, to finish!

Well, getting the sunflowers didn’t work. (in the video I show the dead flowers!)

I knew they were only 3.99 at Trader Joe’s and I could just pick up another

What did turn out to be motivation for me to get the painting done was
knowing that I had to do a video showing the finished product, and by MONDAY!!

In this “Throw it Out Thursday” video I am getting rid of the hardware on my
cabinet doors.

I grew up with the handles that you see me remove. I had good memories of
home, where they came from.

I felt guilty that I was getting rid of them. I wanted to know, why did I feel like
I had to keep them?!

I don’t like them. And I don’t have to keep them!

So I get rid of them! and I encourage you to really look around your

If you are asking “How do I get organized:?” If you really want to feel good
at home.

You must begin by getting rid of the clutter. You have to stop holding onto OTHER

You have to see that it is one of the biggest reasons that the mess won’t go away.

Begin by asking yourself “Do I love it?” if you don’t, it has to go. Then ask yourself
other questions, like “Does it fit in my house?” “Does it fit on me?” “Is it broken?”

“Would I have purchased this if I didn’t inherit it?

Think about yourself for a change, and YOUR style, and YOUR loves… and dejunk
with clarity of mind and real determination, and leave the guilt at the curb with the stuff.

People are not their things. And you deserve to live a truly authentic life!

Much Love!




The Tidy Tutor

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Pamela Whitworth Hawkins - Reply

I love those handles, I will buy them from you, don’t just throw them away.

Pam Shaffer - Reply

You are one of my best friends even though we have never met face to face!

Betty Jo Buchanan Betz - Reply

I am really bad about attaching feelings to things – thank you for putting that into words. It makes it easier to recognize the difference between love for some-thing and a loving memory. Things mean way to much to me, not materialisticly but sentimentally.

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