TIOT – On Friday

Well, I am still having Mac issues…

It appeared fixed, but nooooooo…….

I’ve gotta get to Apple with this little girl
and get her checked out!

This will never do.

Well, for any of you who watched Motivation Monday
(On Tuesday – Included here)

Going on Toooo long!

I have to tell you something. This system freaking works!

All we need is direction. Pam Young and Peggy Jones
(Author of Sidetracked Home Executives) say that

We are like Lightning – Energy with no direction…

Give direction to that energy and we are unstoppable.

Please forgive the delay in my announcing the beginning of
TTU (Tidy Tutor University)

All the kinks should be out by the end of the week and by
the second week in Oct we will be rocking! All ready for
a brand new Holiday Season like we’ve never had before!

Well, here is a start: Determine a bedtime and wake up 1/2 hour
before you normally do (or actually have to in order to get your
day started)

Carry with you a 3×5 scratch pad, write down EVERYTHING
you say you are going to do or appointment you make in it
EVEN if you use your smart phone for appointments!!!!

Write this down on a 3×5 card and put
it on your fridge.

When You Wake
Wake up on time – Drink Water – Put clothes in dryer
Put dishes away – shower/groom/dress – eat breakfast
Take clothes out of dryer (Lay flat or fold, whatever you
have time for)

Begin Before Dinner time
Look at your phone & Scratch pad & prepare for tomorrow
Put load of laundry in washer – Get what you are wearing tomorrow
ready (shoes by the door)

Keep a steady cycle of laundry going and keep the dishes washed.

If yo go to the laundry mat, please watch video for suggestions.

Well, talk soon, sorry about TIOT, I’m only one girl you know 🙂

Much Love!!!!!
But as I have discussed in a previous video (included below)

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