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Will things ever change? 

Just over 8 years ago when I was still married I was helping my sister organize her attic.While going through some boxes I came across a set of Tapes.

The tape series were titled Personal Power, and they were by Tony Robbins. (Totally changed my life)

I asked Tina if I could listen to them and of course she said yes. (I still have them).


Well, there was an exercise that helped me to see more than Tony was going for. I’m hoping it can help you too.

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The purpose of the exercise was to help us determine what to actually spend time on, and to help us determine what we really wanted.

However, to my surprise, it did something else amazing for me, completely different than what I was anticipating.

Here’s the Exercise and how it went: I was to picture myself at the end of my life in a rocking chair, and go back 5 years, 10 years and 15 years from that future date until I reached today.

If there were certain goals I never reached, and it crushed me to realize I hadn’t, than those were the things I should have been spending my time on.

If there were other goals that I did accomplish, but they didn’t bring me a sense of satisfaction, than those things should not be on the top of my list now.

Somehow that exercise brought me back to my past instead of my future.

I went back in time from my present, 5 years earlier, and 10 years before that, and 15 years before that.

And what I saw was… nothing had changed.

What was my “today”, was the same as it was 5 years ago, and 10 years before that, and 15 years before that!

I realized, what was 10 years from now wasn’t going to change, because 10 years ago was the same as today.

Ten years ago I was in the same place expecting change, and waiting for it to happen, working a plan, and trying to fix things.

My former husband and I were doing a dance and I knew that the dance steps had to change if things were going to.

It was apparent.

I was in a marriage for 26 years, that wasn’t good, and for all that time I (we) had been trying to fix it, if it was going to happen, it was to happen now. If it couldn’t happen now, it wasn’t going to happen, ever.

So I changed up the dance and let him know. Things have to change now, what I needed to happen wasn’t rocket science. It was simple, easy to implement adjustments and life changes.

Every day for 3 months I reminded him that things had to change now.

Well, nothing changed.

So three months later I asked for a divorce.

I would have died wishing and hoping for change and never realized it. I couldn’t live that way, I couldn’t die that way.

Here is the thing though, you have all the power here in your life to change it if you want to.

You aren’t counting on another individual to do something. Getting out of your mess is completely do-able and you hold all the cards!

Here is what I am telling you. Don’t let another 5 years, 10 years, 15 years go by doing the same things you have been trying!

Or maybe, you’ve given up and feel like any effort is futile. I’m telling you that it’s not.

You know what it costs you to live an organizationally challenged life without any help or any hope.

It takes away your dreams, your ambitions… every day just melds into the next because you are going to do it tomorrow!

Listen to me, you have to do something about it now. Why is tomorrow such a noble deadline? Which then becomes a daily habit, tomorrow, tomorrow. DO IT NOW

The stuff that you think you need? You don’t need it. It doesn’t serve you.

If you want to make a change, you have to do something different.

I want you to look at your future, look at what your past was, and ask yourself, “is my life going to be the same until the day I die?”

And if you don’t want it to be, you have to do something about it.

I’m there for you! Every step of the way. 

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It will be the one and only thing you will need to do to make the changes that you have dreamed of.  As founder of Tidy Tutor University I have seen success after success. It works! If others can do it, you can too!

AND I guarantee it! See you on the inside!

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