No More Before Bed Routine

Help to get organized

I always hated the night time routine. I felt like I was a slave to it.

I knew it had to be done, I’ve experienced life with it and without it,

but it took all the joy that was left in my day out of it.

The “Night Time Routine” always said to me, before bed.

And I’ll tell you what, before bed all I want to do is nothing.

So we are calling it something different… Prepare for Tomorrow Routine.
I will have it in my new classes and if you took my course, Tidy Tutor University
please know that it will be updated and available to you 🙂

Preparing for tomorrow can begin any time of the day and throughout the day.

It can begin at the breakfast table and when you walk in from work. It can happen
outside of the house, at lunch, and just before dinner.

I am very happy about this. It has been my major blunder and a pot hole in the sea
of my life!

I’ll tell you, when you don’t get this right, nothing else goes right.

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The Tidy Tutor

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