Christmas Juggling :) It’s all about getting organized after all :)

In my world so much is different. May be in yours it is too, and then again, maybe it isn’t.

My Dad dying, my divorce, my kids growing up all makes for a new set of traditions.

Right now, I’m alone, every one is still sleeping, gone are the days of the 5 am Wake up with
the yelling “Santa Clause Came! Wake up! Wake UP!”

Little did they know, I just laid my head down after putting together the 2 wheeler and the

Scroll down to get your Christmas Present from me too!! 🙂

But still, I need to get off the computer. The meat Lazanya is put together, and the vegitarian one has yet to be started!

These people I call my children will have a small cow if I am on the computer when
they wake up and arrive! (I live here 24/7 other days, Christmas I need to be with the fam!)

So, I’ve got to run, Please watch my juggling video! Kate took of me this morning, and also
scroll down to get a present from me 🙂

It is the 10 tips you got when you first signed up for my videos, only in book form with
links, all together.

Click on the image to download your book 🙂

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, God Bless you all, I truly Love you!
The Tidy Tutor

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