Christmas help – Food/drinks/snacks

We don’t think of food till the last minute sometimes. Especially if we are invited out and not having Christmas dinner or Christmas Eve at home. But still, unless you are traveling, you will be home for Christmas Morning and such…

This video is help thinking about food, the planing of what to have in the house, the thinking of what you might like to have to make it special, and also if you are traveling. It does not have to be some major preparation, simple is best anyway.

Thinking things through and then getting what will make you happy is key. It doesn’t have to be a big to do. Toast and Tea with butter and jelly for breakfast. Some hot chocolate milk, making sure that you have sugar, butter and cream…

If you want to make blueberry pancakes or bacon and eggs, then have at it! But you have to have it, in the house, to have it 🙂

Having snacks for when you are wrapping last minute gifts or for the trip you are taking in the airport or in the car is critical. Makes for happy people, and a happy wallet as well.

These things make the time more enjoyable and more special. It is the little things that we remember. here is the link to yesterdays Christmas help (getting the house ready and some stuff done) video.

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