TIOT – At My Niece Dana’s House!

Welcome to Throw it Out Thursday!

This week my niece Dana has graciously agreed to let me go to
her abode and video her throwing out 21 things.

It was a Saturday Morning and she had just come from the gym.

She is an O.G.P. (Organizationally Gifted Person)

Her apartment wasn’t in the condition it would be if company was
coming or if she was showing it to sell or rent.

Dana works all week, and keeps a tidy home, but as you can see it
is 15 minuets from company. It is not a showplace, it is a place that she lives life.

I think it is funny how if it was a O.C.P. (Organizationally Challenged Person) it would have been COMPANY READY for a video because we often feel so judged by our home.

Well, Dana’s house was comfortable and welcoming, and it was
difficult for her to find 21 things to get out of the house.

Because, as an OG she gets rid of things on a regular basis. It is what the OG do 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoy the video, and get inspired to walk around
your place and get 21 things today on Throw it Out Thursday! 🙂

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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Laurie Rothfeld - Reply

I loved this video! Thanks to Kathy and Dana you are both so adorable and funny. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. 🙂 Laurie

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