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TIOT is usually about how to declutter. The reason we want to learn how to organize
is not so that we can look good, although we want to look good, the reason we ask
the question “How do I get organized” is because what we really want is an answer to
this question: “How Can I be happy.”

My topics normally cover home organization and how to organize, but for those
of you who have been with me for a while, you know that we often go into the
direction of mind, heart and body. And that is what we are doing this
“Throw it out Thursday”

We are going to address letting go of emotional baggage, how to forgive,
what is forgiveness, and how to be happier because of letting go.

Let’s face it if we are plagued with bad thoughts it is almost impossible to have
happy days. It doesn’t work to shove them down, they allways surface.

We want healing and freedom.

See how this corresponds with our physical clutter? We hide it, we stuff it,
we try to organize it, but it doesn’t work, it makes it imposible to live the life
we dream of. Until we get rid of the clutter we can’t get organized.

And until we get rid of the emotional baggage we can’t be truely happy.

I recently received a text message from one of my Tidy Tutor University students
who told me that she just brought a car load of donations to the thrift store and
the shelter.

She said it was such a good feeling to get rid of stuff, and she would be ecstatic
if she could be free of emotional baggage.

She asked if I had any suggestions on that kind of clutter. And I thought what
a great topic for TIOT!

We hold onto so much emotional stuff and it can be as much a challenge to
get rid of as the physical stuff we have in the house.

When all of our past hurts force their ugly heads up into our thoughts we can feel
paralyzed to change things in our lives even though it is such a desire.

In the video I talk about forgiveness. I answer the question: “What is Forgiveness”
we all want to be FORGIVING, but when we were hurt, when there is an injustice, it
can be difficult to let go, forgive and forget.

Well forgiving is possible when you know what it means and that it is necessary, but
forgetting isn’t necessary, you don’t have to forget to let go and move on to be happy.

I’ve had many broken bones, and while I remember what happened, I am healed
and no longer feel the pain. What we need is healing not forgetting. We need to remember
some things so that we don’t fall into the same danger again. But remembering an incident
does not mean that the pain is still felt.

If you are asking “How can I forgive you” or “Why should I forgive” I will tell you how and why.

I believe that the HOW comes by understanding what forgiveness is.

It ISN’T you saying “OK, I forgive you, what you did was OK.”

You do not have, nor do you need to let that person back into your life.
Often it is not a good idea to let a person who has hurt you back into your life.
Use your head and keep yourself safe.

Forgiving means to Let go of, to untie, to unloose. This definition came from my
painstaking research in The Bible. When we are not in forgiveness we are holding
onto what was done to us.

We forgive someone for purely selfish reasons. It is not for the person who we
are forgiving. It is for us.

We can remember what was done and not hold onto it. If we are always thinking about
past hurts and wrongs than we are walking around in the spirit with those things like a
ball and chain dragging behind us.

That baggage sits with us when we watch tv and are eating dinner. It surrounds us
as we try to go through doors of happiness and change and I’m telling you, we
can not fit through those doors with all of that ick stuck to us.

1st decide to untie those things from you. Let them go. Whoever hurt you, they are
unable to pay you back for the things that were taken from you. You are asking for
payment for things that is impossible to be repaid for.

Next, ask for, and expect healing. Acknowledge the hurt that was done to you, may
be even find someone to hug you and let you cry, to acknowlege it.

Some things that were done we haven’t told a soul about, or at least the right soul.
Tell someone who will hold you and validate how you feel and acknolege what
happened. THEN MOVE ON TO STEP 2!

Forgiving and healing. Make a desision to let it all go, and then set out to be healed.

When healing comes, pain leaves.

I go to Jesus, that is where I go for healing.

I also discovered something called ‘tapping’ or eft. It releases your mind from the
emotional hold of past events.

Go to www.tapping.com to find out about it and try it. It is amazing how it works,
If you have an ache or pain, a headache, it is often rooted in an emotion. Crazy how
the headache vanishes when you emloy what is in the video in tapping.com.

In this week video I go into more detail how it works.

I also talk about what I learned from author, Wayne Dyer about being responsible for
my life. Even if someone has done something that made things seem imposible.

Until I take responsibility it is as if I am saying “My hands are tied, there is nothing I can do”

Well, that would never do!

The meaning of the word responsibility does not men that You are responsible
for what happened to you, it means “the ability to respond”.

How we chose to respond to events makes all the difference in how our lives play out.

I hope you watch the video. There is so much more to say that I can not put into words here.

Here are some great references to watch on youtube to begin on the journey of letting go:
Louise Hay – Positive affirmations http://youtu.be/ZHRuPXYHs_o
Louise Hay and Nick Ortner on Tapping http://youtu.be/MCP0HhOvw4Q (FABULOUS STUFF!!!)

Please leave a comment and let me know what you are thinking.

Much Love,
The Tidy Tutor

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