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OK, receipts! They are everywhere! We end up having them strewn
and in piles. In our bedroom, in our purses, in our suit jackets, our
wallets, our cars, end tables, you name it, they are lurking.

We can’t just throw them out! Because hey!
There are some important receipts!!!

Here is the solution! It is a plastic envelope! I have been carrying
one around for years. You keep it in your purse of suit coat or
your car, and every time you have a receipt that you MAY need.

Like something you may need to return, or something you need for
taxes, or a really high ticket item that you will want to hold onto
in case something goes wrong with it or something,

or if you are really advanced in Our Tidy Tutor curriculum, you will
have your assets all categorized, in case of fire or some sort of
emergency, where you would have to alert an insurance company of your
particular losses.

All receipts go in that plastic envelope.

You can find them for 50 cents sometimes, and they are either
funky or conservative in design. Mine is lime green and white.

When you come across receipts anywhere you can rest, assured
you can toss them because only the IMPORTANT ones went into
the plastic envelope.

Then on your desk day (in my course I teach that you need at least
one desk day a week where you do paper/desk stuff) you go throughout
the envelope and disperse in the proper file : )

it is a beautiful thing! watch the video, see the envelope, share it,
like it, comment, email me 🙂 Kathy@TheTidyTutor.com

Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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