Old dress? New dress? Garbage?

Yesterday I sent out a Motivation Monday email, about having a dress, or nice
clothes, in our closets ready to wear at a moments notice.

The reason I feel we need to have “Moments Notice” clothes hanging in our
closets is in case we forgot about an invite, or we get a phone call to attend
something fabulous last minute.

We could get dressed, stress free and not have to run out and purchase
something or worse yet, MISS something wonderful!

(Below is the video from yesterday in case you missed it)

We would always be able to take advantage of an event if it was presented to us.

It made me think of a video I did last year (that I have below).

I thought that the video from yesterday may appear contradictory to what I wrote last year.

Of course it isn’t contradictory, but I really thought that this video needed to
be put alongside the video from yesterday to paint a more complete picture.

So I thought I would just send this out today, and maybe we could get some
banter regarding the 2 subjects.

The two subjects are: holding onto a few “Old Faithful” outfits, and being sure to
let go of clothing that just do not serve us any longer for whatever reason.

Below is the video/blog I am sharing from last year, I like to call…

“Would a princess care about that?” – Let me know what you think…


Would a princess care about that?

There is an entirely different mind set that people who are organizationally
gifted have about ‘stuff’ compared to the organizationally Challenged.

I give you the princess… Does she keep old dresses? NO!

Now don’t tell me it is because she is loaded and doesn’t have to keep old

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I challenge you… I don’t think you wear those clothes
you are keeping, that you can’t let go of.

If you are not wearing those clothes, because they don’t fit you for example…
Than what does money have to do with it?

You don’t have the money a princess has so you have to keep things you will
never wear and clutter up your house with it?

A lovely woman Lori reached out to me about getting rid of her clothing that
doesn’t fit her anymore. her little girl decided to do the same with her things,
and let me tell you what! They are sooooo happy!

You want to get happy? Start thinking “I am a princess”
“I am a prince” and start living that way 🙂

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Much Love!

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Connie Bryan Noble - Reply

I enjoy your zest for life and the way you think. Thank you for all your videos.

Paula Dumouchel-Clay - Reply

This is awesome! thanks so much for this Kathy, my daughter has kept her room in order and has her list since we’ve tidied up her room – Im going to share the princess story with her – so many kids need this!! thanks!

Dinorah Lluberes - Reply

Good morning Kathy, may God blees you and your family. You had that gift
that people need today!!!. I like the simple and sincere way you said what
we need to do and practice. Thanks, teacher and COACH. Love, Dinorah

Mark Stelmack - Reply

Hi Kathy. Ran across this video. You keep up being positive. Your friend Mark

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