Christmas house clean up and some to-do list help

Let’s get the house ready for Christmas

When you want motivation and direction to get stuff done at home, Christmas time 🙂

Here is some holiday help when you feel like a deer in headlights.

Lots of times I just feel overwhelmed with it all.
All we really want to do is to get our main living area cleaned up and presentable.

We have so much to do sometimes that we don’t know where to start.
We work together, make a short list, do what makes us most happy and also…
Get some real house cleaning done together 🙂

ready – Set – GO!


The Tidy Tutor

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Teresa Townsell - Reply

Powerful. Happy. Motivated.— You are an inspiration.

Linda Thurmond Chavers - Reply

I like your suggestions. I would so like a little help cleaning. It’s late right now, but I’m going to rewatch this tomorrow and follow the 15 15 plan. Thanks.

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