Procrastination Is a Life Sucker

This video was prompted by Rhonda’s blog

Procrastination may not kill you, but it will kill your dreams

I was married for 26 years thinking things would get better. How would they,
if nothing was being done to change anything? Promises? Promises don’t change anything,
action does. What have you been promising yourself? What have you done to fulfill those promises?

You can live an organized life, but you have to do something to
make it happen. We cannot continue to do the same things over
and over again and expect the same results.

Rhonda saw this while visiting the elderly during Thanksgiving
time. She was faced with herself 20 years from now,

and that prompted me to make this video.

I was married for 26 years and learned while listening to some
Tony Robbins tapes that nothing was going to change in my marriage,
it was the same as it was 5 years ago and 5 years before that.

“Tomorrow is another day” is a life sucker.

The reason I am sending so many reminders is because I understand.
Your nature is the same as mine. We wait till the last minute if we
do not have a plan in place, and we have that Scarlett Ohara attitude
“Tomorrow is another day!”

Only, tomorrow comes and we tack on another tomorrow until there are so
many tomorrows that our live is spent, over, with no way of getting time

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Do something to get what you have always wanted. An ordered life, that you
can be proud of, one that will enable you to fulfill your dreams and live
the life you want to live NOW, not down the road.

Much love to you…

Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor

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