Session One Tidy Tutor University

Here is your first session of

Tidy Tutor University!

*The entire first session is included here, meant to take all in the same day.
*Total time about an hour

Notes and additional videos are all included below as a link.

Save this in a folder or on your desktop so that you can
access all of the info when you need it.

Look for supporting emails from me, from now till the 1st
titled: TTU support!


Listen to all 6 parts, and continue to practice all lessons

Session One – Part One 
(Just about 6 minutes)

Session One – Part Two
(13 minutes)
Session One – Part Three
(Just over 5 minutes)
Session One – Part Four
(Just over 11 minutes) 
Session One – Part Five
(Just over 11 minutes) 
Session One – Part Six

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