Too Much Stuff – To Buy Or Not To Buy

I went for a walk to get something to eat, and I passed some things on the street.

A really cool beach bag was on a rack in front of a store and I really liked it AND it was only $15!

BUT… the thing is, I don’t really need a new beach bag, so, I wouldn’t buy it.

This gave me an idea for a Periscope video to do, so I did it right there and then and I’m sharing it here…

This was a part of my first marathon Weekend Periscope video series I did last week.

I live in a beach community and there are lots of fun things to buy. I see them every day as I walk and drive down the street. In this video I show the fun stuff that I came across.

I ask myself before I am going to buy some things,

  • “Why do I want that?”

  • “What is it going to do for me?”

  • “What is it REALLY going to cost me?”

Like I said, the beach bag was only $15! And I could talk myself into getting a beach bag! How much space do they take up right? I could easily talk myself into getting one… (But, I didn’t) I ask myself…

  • Do I need it?

  • Do I want it?

  • Do I love it?

  • Is it going to cost me any grief…

What do I mean about that you might ask?

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.16.21 PM

Well, let’s think about it. It will cause you grief if you can’t pay for it. How many things do you have in your closet with tags on them? Or things you purchased for the house you never use?

Now it’s taking up space, cluttering up your house AND the guilt attached to it because you may have had to put it on a credit card makes it that you can’t even enjoy it (Hence why it is not being used)

Now you can’t only use it, but now you can’t get rid of it!

There is too much guilt attached to it! How can I get rid of it, I’m still paying on it! And It cost me so much money! I worked 2 days of my life to buy that!

So that item continues to make you pay.

We’ve become encarserated to our stuff. We have built a little prison for ourselves.

You can break free. You can let go of those things. Give all the stuff you feel like you can’t let go of to God to do something wonderful with. Say to the Universe, send me back exponential blessings in replace for these things that will bless someone else life.

Keeping those things is not going to get you the money back, won’t ease your debt or get your house uncluttered. Keeping them is not a solution.

Letting them go, and thinking before you buy is a solution.

There was a top I wanted to buy, but guess what? I can, and I probably will! Why? Because I have very little, and I have a rule… If something doesn’t fit nicely and I bring something else in, I have to get rid of something to take its place. I only have 3 purses: 1 black, 1 brown and 1 summer/spring purse.

I like that I have very little clothing, and you might say that it is boring… Well it might be, but it is boring all the way to the bank. Do you know what I mean by that?

Because I think before I buy, I don’t have debt, and because I don’t have debt, I have more money. I’m going to Thailand in November, could I do that if I was buried in debt?

So I will continue to be boring all the way to the bank, live with less stuff and as a result with less stress 🙂 And you can  too.

Thanks for being in my world!

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