Just do it anyway – How to keep it going

When we want something to happen for us, WHY don’t we just do it (like Nike said!)

Making excuses doesn’t help at all. But we find reasons NOT to do what we want to do, which are excuses in disguise.

I was asked the question many times, “How can I fit exercise into my routine,” and that is what started me to share about exercise. We are on the path to learning how to live an organized life, and doing what we want to do is NOT something that comes naturally to us, so we need help to get motivated and get moving on most things and exercising is one of them.

How do we create the staying power that we need?

One way is to give things different meanings.

In the video I talk about how I needed to shower in the morning before I left the house, but I also needed to go to the gym. In the past I may have decided to skip the gym because of that, and I would tell myself, “Tomorrow would be a better day”.

It actually would just have been an excuse.

If we could begin to give different meanings to things many thing will change for us, one of which is being able to do what we set our minds to do even if the circumstances aren’t optimal.

We come up with things based on our past experiences or our current circumstances.

We tend to get stuck over things that we think SHOULD be… How often do we say what we should have done?

When doing that we are living in the past, and that is just foolish because we can’t change anything about what has been, it’s over.

Being in the past… thinking about all that we should have done stops us from gaining what could be there for us.

Maybe something we’ve done wasn’t such a great decision, but if we aren’t caught up in the SHOULD we can then learn from it and change or improve. Instead we stay in the past where nothing can change.

Going to the gym after we showered might seem like the “wrong” thing to do, but it’s only a thought, it’s not a truth. Why is it wrong? What is the big deal? Are we standing in our own way?

We get stuck so often not getting what we want because of preconceived ideas. If you want to do something and you aren’t doing what you want, for some reason, sometimes all it takes is to think something else. Sometimes it’s that simple.

A lot of things in life are being put off because of our old beliefs that are stuck in something that doesn’t serve you anymore… There is so much more in the video, I hope you will take time to watch it, and let me know what you think.

Thanks for being in my world!

The Tidy Tutor


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