Get Motivated And Get Started!

Do you need a stress free couple of months?

Has the first four months of 2016 felt a bit like a race to catch up without any relief in sight?

How about at home? Is there a constant list of “things to do” that just keep piling up and nothing seems to be getting done and the more you look at your home the more stressed it makes you?

Let’s get ready for the summer and do some de-stressing!

Everyone thinks about beginning to get organized on New Years.

I get it, I know why it seems like a good time and all of that, but do you want to know when the very best time to begin is?

It’s NOW!

Very soon things are going to slow down if they haven’t already.

The holidays are well behind us, kids activities are beginning to come to an end, and the tax deadline is behind us.

Let’s face it this is the least stressful time of year.

I have been encouraging my followers to begin getting the house cleaned up and dejunked this time of year for a few years now and it has been working wonders!

Did you know that you can feel good about the house, even in all the mess when you begin my course Tidy Tutor University?

Because with a plan there is hope that you can come home to a peaceful place.

When you begin to work the plan you get proof that things are going to change, then it becomes infectious and empowering!

Please read what Karen wrote on our Tidy Tutor Family private Facebook Page:

“I am feeling very confident about being able to stay the course, since starting Tidy Tutor University a few years ago. I have the lifestyle that’s needed to remain relatively happy about the house and how I want to live my life. 


I was going to call Kathy’s Tidy Tutor course a program, but for me it’s a new lifestyle. To me, program sounds restricting and inflexible. Undoable, like so many diets I’ve tried before. Substitute the word diet for program and see how it feels???

I couldn’t have come to this place without all of you, Kathy and Tidy Tutor University. This really is life changing and I am so thankful I know what to do now.

The old habits have been replaced and better ones remain. Am I perfect? NO. Do I fail. Yes. But, overall I’m doing great. Having less stuff helps so much. A place for everything and put back in its place. Not so many clothes worn once in a blue moon, less laundry. so many great lifestyle changes have given me a good life I can be happy with. Love and hugs.” – Karen

Would you like to experience this kind of change in your life?

Would you like to be a part of my family and discover what it’s like to live without stress and chaos at home?

Click the link to 

Learn more about TTU and you can begin today for only $1!!!

I’m having a special challenge beginning soon, and you’ll want to be a part of it!

See you on campus!


The Tidy Tutor