Tip # 8- Prepare for Tomorrow

TodayThink about tomorrow today. Really think about what you have going on tomorrow.

I want you to hang a bag on the door knob (the door that you use to leave the house every day) and put things in the bag that you need to take out with you.

Here are some things you may be taking with you: Your sun glasses, iPod, ear buds, letters that needs to be mailed, library book or movie that needs to be returned, and your phone charger.

Be sure you have your keys too and put them in reach. What shoes
are you going to wear? Place them by the door as well.

Do you have an appointment? What will you need for it?

May be your insurance card? A check book? Will you have to wait a period of time alone? Is there a magazine you have been wanting to read? A book you have been meaning to finish? Put it in the bag, bring it with you and read it while you are waiting.

Do you need to go somewhere you have never been? Need to print out directions? Be sure you have the address for your GPS and the phone number of your destination.

Get it together now, program it in your phone, or write it out and put it in your purse or jacket.

Do you need to pick someone up? Call them and confirm, make sure that the time you are to pick them up is correct and you are sure of the place you are going.

Is there a bill that needs to be paid online tomorrow? If you need to pay it while on your lunch break will you need specific information to get that done. Get it together now.

Think about what you are going to wear tomorrow also. Is there something that needs to be ironed, or do you need to put something in the dryer?

In a nut shell… think about tomorrow and prepare for it tonight.
I begin preparing right after dinner, I prefer doing that than beginning before bed. Think about what works best for you and start then.

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Terrific Idea!!!

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