TT Tip – Laundry

Here is something that is EASY and you will not believe how great it will work!
You will be so happy about how laundry issues will become a thing of the past.

Before bed you are to put a load of laundry in the washing machine and when you first wake up you are to put that load in the dryer.

Then you just go on with your morning. When the clothes are finished drying, you must take the clothes out. They will be wrinkled if you don’t and it will not make you happy!

If you have time to fold them, then fold them, and keep them in the basket till you get home to put them away.

If you do not have time to fold them then take them out of the dryer and lay them flat. This will keep them for being wrinkled when you are ready to fold them.

When you get home you are to fold them AND then put them away.

If you were able to fold them before you left the house then just put them away when you get home.

Now I know it is a challenge putting away clothes because the drawers are stuffed with items that you barely ever ware. Possibly they are filled with last seasons wardrobe.

Do the best you can for now. We will get to de-junking your place soon enough.

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Jim Colas - Reply

katie thanks

Janel Tenerelli - Reply

Laundry is the one thing that I actually like to do! Great video Kathy 🙂
Janel in NJ.

David N Tina Arnold - Reply

Kathy you so helpful and I am so happy I found you. I have 2 girls and they grow so fast 5 and 7 years old . We love pretty girl clothes and lots of hair bows and all that goes a long with being a girl. My girls are 23 months a part and the younger one gets the older ones clothes . I try to just keeo them out so I will have them as soon as my younger one grows into them. I of course cant keep the closets and drawers in order due to the constant turn around of size change . NOt to mention when Grandma hits a clearance sale and overwhelms me with a gian bag of stuff that they might wear 1 time. Help . I try to plan a head for the next size and have a few item ready for my older one, but its like a merry go round of baskets of clothes and stuff . I do donate a lot and I would love to do the resale thing, but honestly I find it just sits around because I never have the time so it ends up being clutter so I just give this brand new stuff a way. Any ideas would bre great on how to deal with this time of life of chaos.

Sue Rowe - Reply

I disagree with your idea of washing at night and leaving your clothes wet all night. I have always tried to dry them right away because I believe leVing them wet weakens the fibers in the fBric and causes them to have a shorter life. I haven’t done research on this but it just makes sense to me.

Rocio Del Carmen Ochoa M - Reply

I am allready pay to be inside the “HOLLYDAYS WEBINAR”, I realy need a pu

Karen Chev - Reply

i FORGOT ABOUT THE TAKE YOUR LAUNDRY TO A LAUNDROMAT TO BE DONE PART. This month, even after doing one load a day, I got behind due to helping my mother-in-law pack and move, a deep 2nd degree burn that had to be debrided down to my blood vessels. That was interesting and painful. Pray for no scarring on my total left hand. Looks hideous compared to the other hand. Grand-daughter came to live with us, getting ready to have other grand-daughter sleep over when daughter has baby, etc. etc. I am so far behind, I’m taking my heavy stuff to the laundromat. Thanks, Kathy. Worth every penny for peace and harmony at home.

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