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When I got home from an appointment yesterday Emily had my kitchen
all cleaned up from dinner. That made me so happy 🙂

Realizing that we really didn’t have much room for pots I
decided right there and then to switch my pot cabinet for my
tupperware cabinet.
I came across a piece of Corning Ware that I never ever used.

I was going to MAKE it fit, but quickly decided to get rid of it.

I was going to keep it because it is a good piece of cookware that could
also be used to serve in after all!

But honestly, if we want to live in one of those houses that we
feel all inspired by, and make us want to get home and…

Clean up the place!

Than we have to do different things, we have to get rid of stuff.

We can’t think that THINGS are more important than living the life we
dream of living.

My assignment for this Throw it Out Thursday is to take FIVE
MINUTES just ONE TIME this week, and, in your kitchen,
go inside cabinets and get rid of stuff you don’t use, don’t love,
is broken and/or doesn’t fit.

You probably have those BIG water bottles with those loooong straws
tucked way back in a cabinet, or maybe your son is 12 years old now,
or maybe you still have a bunch of those plastic baby bowls with Winnie
the pooh and Aladdin’s image all faded on the bottom of it.

So, let’s do this! Set your timer for FIVE minutes and open up a cabinet
and be ruthless!

Then… Take a picture of what you got rid of in the five minute time
and email those pictures to me. I’ll post them 🙂 It will be fun to see.

As always: Email, text me or call me: 201-290-4549


Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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