Throw it Out Thursday – Emotional Clutter

What do we do with emotional clutter.

What do we do with the stuff that is taking up space in our head?

Even though we can’t see the stuff, it still exists and it is taking up valuable space in our lives.

In this video I talk about how stuck we can get when we hold onto things that happened to us,

Holding onto the thoughts and bad feelings about something can be like dragging boulder around with us each day.

When we sit down on the couch there is all that stuff, when we go for a walk, there it all is being drug behind us, no wonder so many of us are exhausted at the end of the day.

I talk about how I used to see myself as a victim. And how different things would be if this didn’t happen or that…

Then I thought if I just took responsibility for my life. Not like what happened was my fault or that I asked for it, but just how can I respond to this differently so that my life is no longer effected by it all. Responsibility does not mean blame, it is simply the ability to respond! Not putting blame on anyone.

It has set me free and made me able to change my life and move ahead in a direction I wanted to go in instead of being held back by what I perceived as life’s injustices.

Let me know what you think of the video.


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