#4 Dejunking Together – Clothing

My daughter Emily is a chip off the old block. She is O.C. to the max.

Recently when her dryer broke it spiraled her into a laundry backup and so I chose to do a clothing dejunking video while I helped her catch up.

Now the way we did this was a marathon laundry day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Doing  THAT!

If you do have laundry back up: Put all your laundry in bags by the washer, do loads as you can during the week and do one load a day of the clothing that you are generating now. That will stop your laundry pile from making babies. Your mountain of laundry will stay as is, as you catch up and keep up.

If you have children that can reach the knobs on the washer and dryer they should be doing their own laundry.

Just because we are in front of the dryer at the beginning of this video doesn’t mean that it is how you need to begin.

You are getting a 22 minute dejunking session in the category of  clothing. Just go to your closet or your drawers or your storage area where you keep your seasonal clothing and dig in with us.

Emily goes through one item at a time and we discuss each piece and make decisions accordingly.

If you have clothes in the dryer, dejunking right from there is always a great way to go.

See you Tomorrow where we will go through our papers. (You will need: One apple box from the produce store (unless you have tons of papers then you will need more apple boxes) you wil also need twine – or ribbon or yarn any one of those items will do. You will need a pen, scrap paper, you could use some rubber bands but can do without them as well!  If you do get them you will need the kind like the mail man uses to bundle up your mail sometimes and scissors.

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