TIOT – The Clutter of “But This is Good!”


Clutter that we think we have to keep

You know those bags with zippers you get when you buy a
comforter or curtains?

They are really sturdy clear plastic and they have a zipper.

What do you do with those bags when you empty it’s contents
and either put it on your bed or up on your window?
Most of us feel like we can’t throw them out. They are good!

We can use them again for something…

But do you? Do we? Most of us don’t.

I say, get rid of those bags when you put up the curtains or put on the

We think that we will put those curtains back in them, or put that
comforter back in the bag when we take it off the bed.

But, we hardly ever use those curtains again or the comforter again.

Don’t keep the bag, you know you can never find it when you want it

Donate the comforter if it is still good, and those curtains when you take
them down to a battered woman’s shelter.

They will just end up cluttering your attic in a box that you will
never visit again.

Living simply is key to living clutter free. Just because it is good is
no reason to keep it.

Remember. Do you love it? Does it fit in your house? On your body?
Are you using it? Keep it. Otherwise, it goes 🙂

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor



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