Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Don’t you hate it when you NEED something but no-one will listen?

How often do people ask us what we need or want?

I realized something… I have never asked YOU what YOU wanted from me.

So… now I am. I want to know what it is. What do you want from me?

What do you want The Tidy Tutor to offer?

Here are some ideas I have:

A course for children

Women starting a new life after 50 – Dejunking – downsizing change – creating a new identity – authentic living.

Wardrobes – Including: When overweight and weight always fluctuates also included in that would be dressing as a minimalist.

What Do You Want Wednesday! A year long program for the purpose of goal reaching.

OK, so those are some of the things I’m thinking about. Let me know if anything I mentioned floats your boat…

…and please, give me ideas… what do YOU want me to cover.

Also, tell me what you would like me to do differently or improve on. Or even stop doing.

Please be honest, but kind at the same time 🙂

Much Love to you!