Holiday Menu ideas

When there is a special occasion on your horizon and all the holiday party
ideas look like so much work, sometimes it can cause us lots of stress and grief.

I want you to just relax, because I’m going to show you a plan to avoid the work
so that you can enjoy the day along with your family and friends.

You know that my Topic of choice is always “organization” but really it is being
“Happy at home” and it just so happens that getting organized is what get’s us
to the “happy at home” part we are looking for, or at least it sets the stage for that
to happen. Being prepared with a menu plan is part of the package.

Please watch my video and I explain how to use the template I provide here to plan
a menu and make sure that you have it all together in time for the day you want to party 🙂
Stress free! Click HERE for the Free Template

Insuring that you have a flexible and a well thought out menue plan for the holidays
will make a huge difference in how much fun and enjoyment you will have along with
your family and friends. Our goal is to have FUN not WORK…

What I am sharing is how I make sure that I have all that I want and need in the
house for the day so I’m preared, and it runs smoothly.

In the videos below I share how to make lasanya, and also how to make gravy
(or sauce as some call it) this can be done a couple of days ahead of time,
easily stored in the fridge, popped in the oven the day you need it and viola!
A great meal and very little work on the day you want to party!

  • Create your menu plan and grocery list
  • Write it out on the template
  • Shop for what you need ahead of time
  • Have everythig in the house so that you don’t feel like a ball at the end of a paddle
  • Make what you can ahead of timeand bada-boom, there is less work and more fun 🙂

Be sure to download the menu plan/grocery list template I have
included here for you. free holiday meal template
free holiday meal template CLICK HERE 

If you don’t know, I have a course called Tidy Tutor University. Below are some comments
from my students. If you are not part of my email list, click here and get in the loop! I am
having a Tidy Tutor University New Year Special and you won’t want to miss the announcement!

“Just wanted to thank you all for your support! Last night, I had a moms night out- got my hair done…and spent time with girlfriends in a quaint downtown area! First time in 4 years I’ve slowed down to celebrate my bday!…”

“Done decorating, finished up tonight!…all inside decorating is done! Thank you Kathy so much for the steps to made this happen!…”

“My tree is up!! First time in 3 years! It’s so nice as it gets darker at 4:30 to turn it on in the evening!… Let’s do Christmas!”

“It feels so good…I even have my gifts wrapped! Usually, I do that 2 seconds before we open them…”

Merry Christmas!

The Tidy Tutor

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Jackie Berry - Reply

I always enjoyed your videos BUT THESE TWO ROCK ~ you are such an inspiration. Happy Holidays! Just a note I was not able to download the template,etc…….I’ve been TTU for two years this month

Brenda Keller - Reply

Love your videos Katherine Rizzo Roberts! 🙂 Thank you!

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