Help for the baby boomer women, snow blowing

Freaking snow…

Happy Fagetaboudet Friday! OH… And Happy Valentines Day too. This video has nothing to do with Valentines day,

but it is apropos, I think. Ultimately it is about roles of men and women in relationship to jobs that need to be done… and how things change when we are alone in many respects. Specifically Snow shoveling in this context.

If you don’t have a valentine, you are definitely shoveling (if you are living in the northern part of the globe).

If you do have a valentine and you are shoveling and there are no extenuating circumstances, you should reconsider that valentine (but I suppose that is a topic for a future email)

Well… I am a divorced 52 year young woman, the ass end of the Baby Boomer Generation.

We were brought up that men took care of the cars, anything mechanical, and anything also anything that had to do with outside.

I was taught how to sew in the 6th and 7th grade and then sewing was encouraged to take in high school, as well as home economics, which was really only about cooking, there was no talk of economics, or home.

It is a shame they didn’t teach what it really was like to be a homemaker, but that is for another email.

Boys took woodworking/shop in the 7th and 8th grade and of course were encouraged to take it in highschool.

It was very common for women my age to get married in their early 20’s. We were expected to know what to do and how to do it. And we were expected NOT to snow shovel.

Well, many of us baby booming women are finding ourselves at a loss when it comes to many household jobs that were not deemed for our hands.

What do we do now in regard to this job? If we cannot afford to have someone come and shovel (and even if you could, the odds that the person would get to your house in time to get you dug out of the snow when you needed to is really slim) we have to do it ourselves.

In this video I show how we can get rid of the snow with a leaf blower. Now it didn’t work as great as I
had hoped. My scarf got sucked up in the motor, and as the snow continued to come down it became impossible to keep up with it without becoming even more fatigued than if I used a shovel.

I believe that if I had a gas leaf blower, and not an electric one, it would have been a different story.

Well, I hope you enjoy the video, it was fun to make : ) It wasn’t anything I had planned until I thought
Of dropping the shovel for the extention cord.

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Much love to you!
The Tidy Tutor

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