Other People’s stuff (CLUTTERING UP YOUR HOUSE!)

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When we have things that we want to give someone it is really with a giving heart.

We know we have really good items that someone could use, so we call them.

“Shelly, I have great size 4 clothes for Margo, they are all like new, some never worn!”

Shelly says, “Great! Thanks, I will come get them tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes and goes and it slips Shelly’s mind, and there they are along with 10 other
bags of “GOOD THINGS” for other people to come get that you called.

Next time, when you call, get a date when they will come, no more than 3 days from todays date.

Let them know that The Vietnam Vets are coming on such and such a day, so if they don’t come to
get the things, they will be going with your other things to the Vets.

BAM! DONE! We are not holding bins for stuff. Remember that if Shelly doesn’t get it than maybe
there is a reason, maybe it is because there is a little girl who just had to leave all her things
with her mom who left the house for refuge from her abusive husband. And maybe that little girl
was supposed to get what you meant for Margo.

In the short call, I also talk about when we are left with departed loved one’s things, collections,
and our own stuff that will someday be what others will have to deal with when we are gone.

Much Love to you!


The Tidy Tutor

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