Fagetaboutet Friday!

OK, Ya Ready?

You woke up and the house is a wreck, you want to do something but you don’t know where to start.

I’m helping you. Maybe you are still in your jammies and still looking a little funky.

The first thing you do is take a shower.

Get dressed and groomed. I have heard it said: “If you are going toclean like crazy you are going to look nuts!”

I’m going to take a shower and so do it now too!

And we will work together!

Now you are out of the shower!

So, set a timer for 15 minutes. Work 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the living room and 15 minutes in the bathroom.

You might feel a little overwhelmed, but don’t be.

WE can do anything for 15 minutes.

Start on the surfaces and work your way down. When the timer goes off, go into the next room. We will be working for 45 minutes.

I will be here when you get back. 15, 15 and 15. It is amazing how much you can do in 15 minutes.


Ok, now that you are done with that, I know you can’t believe how much you have gotten done in just 15 minutes.

Now maybe you have to go and do it again. If you do, go ahead! 15/15/15 and leave a comment about what you got done!

May be you have a party, maybe you have company coming, or maybe you just want to get the house cleaned up!

Whatever the reason, we usually need motivation and someone to root us on. And that
is what I am here for!

If you are tired of crisis cleaning… And you want to stop feeling like all you do is clean, but never get anything done…

Click on this link and get started today! You will see a change immediately! This works! But don’t take my word for it!

Click on this link, and read the testimonials of those who have taken Tidy Tutor University.

I’m with you every step of the way!

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Much Love,

The Tidy Tutor

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Kevin Donovan - Reply

Hi Kathy, I saw your profile with this web site on I was so impressed by you initiative and drive! I just saw that you haven’t been on match for more then 3 weeks (which means it could be 2 years for all I know). I hope I’m not bother you but wanted to send some good wishes your way. Kevin Donovan

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