Cawfee Tawk – First Things First

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Lori Brown - Reply

Thank you Kathy! I love having routines established now. I came home and one of the first things I did was get my clothes out for tomorrow! and last night I went the extra mile when I didn’t feel like it and washed the dishes and got the coffee ready to go in the morning. It is a good thought to tell yourself that it really won’t take as long as I think, just do it! And Yes, I love my binder. It just makes me feel organized and let’s me know that I am not forgetting anything!

    Katherine Rizzo Roberts - Reply

    Oh @[1348689428:2048:Lori Brown] Isn’t it true? It makes me feel in control. It makes me feel even safe, I know that seems odd, but the analogy I give in the class about the fenced in park is really a psychological thing that we all need as people.

Lori Brown - Reply

P.S. I love the new graphics of the living room with you! How cute is that?

Terry Lynn Boyer - Reply

“allowable selfishness”… Love that phrase!!!

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