How to Clean a Messy Room Part 1-3

A few years ago I did a blog series called “How to Clean a Messy Room” but I was never really happy about it.

The reason I did it was one of my children moved out of the nest and left a mess and I didn’t want to wait for her to come back and clean it up, so I figured I’d take advantage of the situation and do a video series as I cleaned it up myself.

The reason that I was not really happy about it was because I didn’t actually put things away, I boxed things up because the things in the room didn’t belong to me and there was no place to put them away, they were going in boxes on the front porch.

Recently while getting ready to go on a trip to Ireland I was put in that awkward position of packing for a cold weather location while simultaneously getting the warmer weather clothing out of storage.

That helped me see how easily I could make my room a mess.

So, I decided to do that! I would just take a break from the “Do it Now Habit” for a week and then do a “How to Clean a Messy Room Video” and break it up to be a series.

I’ve included parts 1-3 here in this blog. parts 4-6 will be on their way to you next week. (There may be only 5 parts, not sure how they will break up)

Part 1: The supplies you’ll need and we get started!

The sound quality could be better, so I ask you to forgive me, but it isn’t so bad that I wouldn’t post it.

Let me know what you think!

Here is Part 2: Another surface with some valuable commentary.

Part 3 – Clearing off the dreaded CHAIR! LOL (you know the chair in the bedroom that no one knows what it actually is because of all the clothes draped on it?)

Stay tuned for the final parts where we get into my closet and dejunk it, disperse all the items that need to be taken out of the room, dealing with the residual mess that cleaning often comes with, and the finishing touches.

OH! …Here is a download of the supplies needed as well as written instructions should you want to have it on hand.

If you haven’t enrolled in my course Tidy Tutor University Here is the link to begin today (Now is the best time of year!!)  Www.TheTidyTutor.Com/ttu 

These lazy days of summer could be days filled with productivity that will allow you to enjoy all of them  guilt free!

The Tidy Tutor

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