Clean a Messy Room with Me Series

Last week I started this blog where we clean a messy room together. 

I explained that the reason I did it was I had a series on “How to Clean a Messy Room” from a long time ago. One of my children moved out of the nest and left a mess and I didn’t want to wait for her to come back and clean it up, so I figured I’d take advantage of the situation and do a video series as I cleaned it up myself.

But it always bugged me, because I was boxing up stuff, not putting stuff away… and I didn’t go through clothes in the closet because the clothing was not mine.

While getting ready to go on a trip to Ireland I was put in that awkward position of packing for a cold weather location while simultaneously getting the warmer weather clothing out of storage.

It quickly made my room a mess, and the fact that I found out I was going on Wednesday and leaving on Sunday made it even easier for my room to become a wreck.

I knew that ignoring the “Do it Now Habit” for a week given my circumstances would create the perfect space to share how to clean a messy room series.  I’ve made it super easy to stay in the loop as I add videos to the series.

CLICK HERE to watch videos 1-4 

  • 1 Surface and supplies

  • 2 Another surface and Lesson on HOW to keep it clean

  • 3 The infamous CHAIR CATCHALL and picking up things on the floor

  • 4 Closet part 1 Clothes

    • UP NEXT

      • 5 Closet part 2: shoes

      • 6 Sorting and dispersing containers

      • 7 vacuuming and finishing touches

Stay tuned for the final parts. In the next video we will have a part 2 of the closet… SHOES 🙂  Then we will disperse all the items that need to be taken out of the room, dealing with the residual mess that cleaning often comes with and the finishing touches.

OH! …Here is a download of the supplies needed as well as written instructions should you want to have it on hand.

If you haven’t enrolled in my course Tidy Tutor University Here is the link to begin today (Now is the best time of year!!)  Www.TheTidyTutor.Com/ttu 

These lazy days of summer could be days filled with productivity that will allow you to enjoy all of them  guilt free!

Set yourself up for the best Fall you’ve had in years!

The Tidy Tutor

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