A very odd blog…

Do you know what brought me to the World-Wide-Web, writing blogs and creating YouTube videos?

It was divorce.

One week before my 19th birthday I said, “I do!” and stayed married fo 26 years.

I sincerely believed that I would be married forever.

My husband would work to financially support the family, I would take care of the house and kids and we would live happily ever after.

I was not prepared for what would follow.

After all the skills that came along with running a home, and raising children and countless hours of volunteer work at church… I had zilch for a resume, my last job was in 1979 and I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do to support myself.

So I did a bunch of odd jobs while I tried to figure it all out. (this pic is me at a house I used to clean)

One day I had the thought to teach people, who were just like me (right brained and scattered) to get organized.

So I developed a course, started a meet-up group and taught it over the phone to people.

Once I saw that it had value I taught it live in adult schools and it was confirmed, it had great potential!

I was sooooo excited! (Could you imagine how excited I was?!)

People loved it, and I was getting all teary-eyed hearing how I was helping people!

So I moved ahead with getting it online. It seemed like the smartest thing to do.

Not only could I stop painting offices after hours, scrubbing toilets and floors and standing out in the cold day after day (I also was a crossing guard – See pic lol) but I had a profession I was passionate about!

I conquered my fears, figured out how to support myself AND I was making a difference!! WOO-HOO…

Wait, there is a crash…

I didn’t realize that it required SELLING!

To make it work and work consistently I had to learn what makes people buy.

Ha? That’s not what I signed up for! I want to help people, I want to do what I do best. I don’t want to be a salesperson!

Can’t people just find out about how good it is and enroll?

I found out that I had to learn how to communicate to people.

Saying, “This is really good and it helps lots of people and it will help you too, just give it a try!” Doesn’t work.  Go figure…

We’ve got to speak in a way that doesn’t seem too pushy, communicate the benefits and the reason why it’s exactly what the buyer’s been looking for.

I gotta tell ya, I hate the selling part.

I sorta knew I had to SELL, but I thought it would be easier cause I’m honest and what I have really is super valuable and I have tons of people saying so, but holy crow it’s not enough.

There are marketing courses I’ve had to take because it turns out being simply honest and good at what you do doesn’t cut it.

And so, I want to quit.

Not quit doing what I do but quit selling! But if I quit selling, I have to quit what I do and I can’t do that, it is a calling, it is a divinely appointed profession. (Sounds nuts, but honestly it is!)

I used to Have Tidy Tutor University available all year round but that was so much stress having to always sell. So I noticed that others had their courses only available a few times a year.

That thrilled me!

I wouldn’t have to think about selling all the time.  I bend over backwards to help those who’ve enrolled in my course, so it really appealed to me to totally focus on doing what I loved most of the time.  That way, I could limit the time I had to focus on selling to just a few times a year.

But this isn’t working for me. I began this in September being open only a few times a year. The next “launch” was January, then April… June was my next launch date and guess what? I didn’t offer it.

The more I “learned” about what I had to do to communicate properly the more confused I got. When June came around, I thought I couldn’t keep that sales page.  OMG!  It has been a nightmare trying to get it ‘right’!!!

That is what led me to this blog.

I realize it is probably the weirdest blog written ever… I have to do something. I have to offer TTU, I have to do what I was called to do and get out of my own way!

I looked over my sales page and did the best I could tweaking it and I’m giving it up to God.

 You can find out more about my service HERE. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for being part of my world  🙂

The Tidy Tutor

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