Doing what you gotta? Do it happily!



Remember a while back, when I did the video titled
“Be happy anyway?”

I said that sometimes we just can’t be happy anyway,
sometimes you have to change things up. Like if you
are being kicked down the stairs, or called names.

You can’t be happy in that environment, you have to
change things. Joy is an inside job, but happiness
is based on circumstances.

This video has a slightly different twist.

We all have things we have to do, we may not want to…

But that doesn’t stop the fact that we do them.

This message is about doing them happily.

We all have holes we fall into, step around or over,
those holes will have to be addressed and dealt with
weather we like it or not. We might as well make a
conscious decision to enjoy our journey.

We often act as martyrs. We are slobs extraordinaire,
but we also are the one that clean up the place.

So we will often act martyrish, like vacuuming right
in front of the T.V. while those we live with are watching
it, or bang around making lots of noise while we are
cleaning up and we are not getting any help.

The fact is, you are doing it, and you are the one that is
all upset and effected by it, and those you are trying to
bother are just fine.

If you are going to do something, then do it happily, or
just don’t do it.

This video is when something just recently, a day into
Hurricane Sandy, my car broke down. I could have been
upset, but it was what it was, what was being upset going
to get me.

I decided to just enjoy the journey, asked my boy for help,
my fella joined in and helped and my darling brother came and
fixed my issue in my driveway. All is right with the world and
I didn’t lose a nights sleep or have a stressed moment.

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