TIOT- Hurricane Sandy and Things we Love



Well, the storm came and went.

Lots of people had lots of trouble, and sadly still do,
here in New jersey. My nephew lived across the street from
the bay and lost everything.

My cousin had a beautiful backyard deck and boat dock on the
bay, and her devastation is so sad.

Thank God everyone is alive to enjoy another day. The things
that were lost were things, things can be replaced, we are not our
things, they just belong to us.

Fortunately for me, because I don’t live by water, all is ok in my

Only thing was a power outage, so it was inconvenient but that
was all it was for me.

I did a video with my iPhone while walking from my sisters just
after it struck, not sure why but the quality is not good, please
forgive me for that.

(My sister had power and so I walked there and left my phone plugged
into the outlet to charge)

I didn’t mind not having power the first 2 days, it was kinda nice
being with out the technology.

My 18 year old really hated it, but I actually liked being without it.

I was forced to take it easy, away from working on the computer, had
conversation, & got some work done in my house that I had been wanting
to do.

I’ll tell ya, it was odd not having anything technologically to distract me.

Not even my phone, it was dead, and when it wasn’t it was plugged in
a mile and a half away from me.

I am really happy with how I arranged my piano room to be my
green-screen/computer room 🙂 and I finally got that piece of furniture
out of the living room and put my living room together 😀

When it got dark we lit candles, and since my fellow is from the shore
area he crashed here. He went to work but at night it was just us talking,
eating and drinking with only candle light to brighten the room.

Well, the topic of the video is getting rid of stuff that we don’t love.

When an emergency strikes being in a mess makes what is really bad
even worse. And if you need to run out of the house and grab somethings,
it would be so nice if you actually had the things handy to grab.

Inside of Tidy Tutor University, we construct a binder, and inside that binder
we have every important number, you will not be left digging through
flooded papers trying to retrieve phone numbers.

When there is no electric, no iCloud, no cell phone, no computer will help
you. Sometimes a hard copy is the only way to go.

The video quality is not so good. Sorry about that. :-/

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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