How to Love the Holidays again!

When I got married I thought I would be the perfect homemaker.

I envisioned the white picket fence, my husband coming home from work happy to see me and all ready to sit down to a hot meal I’ve prepared…

The children would be happily playing running to see daddy… and me? I’d be getting a great big hug and kiss from him myself!

Christmas time would be brimming with joy with wonderful smells from the kitchen.

The aroma of fresh baked pie and butter cookies would fill the air around the holidays and of course there would be a turkey with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving!

My home would be beautifully decorated with a gorgeous Christmas Tree and perfectly wrapped presents beneath it.

I would imagine myself all dressed in the morning when the kids woke up with an apron on, a darling little dress and red cardigan, greeting their happy faces with excitement and there would be hot cocoa warming on the stove.

Well, Holy SH** that is NOT what happened! That was soooooo far from what my reality was.

I loved homemaking, loved being a mother and loved family but I was so unskilled at it all that my love turned into tremendous fatigue, great disappointment and overall yearning…

That was the story of everyone born Organizationally Challenged. The dream turned into a nightmare.

Those disappointing days are still a vivid memory for me… But the memories of joy I had after I got it together outweigh the old!

​​​​​​Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I’m living this new reality!

If you are where I was, dreaming of a happy holiday season but living a nightmare instead, I have a webinar scheduled that can turn it all around for you…

Pam Young (author of Sidetracked Home Executives) and I span 2 generations with 8 children between us and well over 30 years of living organized lives. We have the scoop on getting it together and how to have the dream holiday season that fairytales are made of.

Join us On October 26th at 9pm EST / 6pm Pacific for a heartfelt chat with a practical and actionable plan, that will make this holiday season be what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Learn how to:
* Give money gifts that are fun and exciting.
* Get the house cleaned up in a flash without stash and dash.
* A way to have fun while doing all the work that has to be done.
* Get to bed at a decent hour without overwhelm.
* What NOT to do during this time of year.
​​​​​​​* How to look your best through it all.
* A system to get all you need done while keeping your sanity.
* And wisdom regarding making what we all know really matters during this time of year an actual reality.

CLICK HERE to secure your spot! We can’t wait to meet with you!!



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