It’s not just about the holidays

Pam Young and I will be presenting a live webinar sharing our combined experience on how to have the holidays be a wonderful time regardless of the budget or the condition the house is in.

We got together recently talking about our event and I share a video with snippets of our chat together.

Both of us have the same belief that we are wonderful just as we are! Our scattered natures are gifts, our ability to drop everything and help someone or do something fun should be celebrated!

Our creative natures and imaginative spirits are what shaped our nation and created the most wonderful inventions!

The thing is we are often behind the 8 ball because of the way we tick and it is high time we put a stop to that.

We’ve got way too much going for us to be hindered by the fact that our less imaginative side of our brains (the left side where the administrator and detailed self resides) is not the dominate side.

Pam and I are going to bring you to another place in your heart when you think about how things are and how things have been.

We are going to give you, not just a plan to get it together, but a feeling that you WILL get it together and that your amazing!

A feeling that everything is as it should be right now, and everything will be as you want it to be in the future without stress and with joy!

We will also share with you some of our hindsight of how being a slob has led us down some paths that we didn’t want to travel and show you a better road to take. Maybe not the well traveled road, but when the heck did we do what everyone else was doing anyway?!

I hope you will decide to enroll on October 26th at 9pm New York Time 6pm Pacific.

Click Here to join us, the webinar is only $27 and it will be recorded and you can have it to listen to all throughout the year, as often as you need to during the holidays and every holiday season hereafter.

With Love,

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