How to Keep a Room Clean and Tidy

Last time on The Tidy Tutor

I shared a video/blog on “How to Tackle an Overwhelming Task”

I specifically spoke about those things that have been looming in our homes, that we think will take too much time so we never start on them and our warped perception of time that is the culprit.

We discussed the 5 things that will get us from frozen and procrastinating to mobile and productive.

If you missed it you can read about it and watch the video click by clicking HERE 

THIS post is an extension of that one.  I promised we would talk about how our warped perception of time is responsible for all the messes that we leave in our wake.

In this video we get into how this same warped perception of time is the main reason why the house gets all messy and leaves us with days and days of cleanup using up every spare moment we have and every day off HOW TO stop that from happening and what to do so that our home stays company ready.

This is about the unconscious clutter and mess that we make. Those messes that seem insignificant while making them.

Like the coffee cup and spoon with the residual coffee splash and sugar dusting on the counter. The clothing left on the bed that we decided not to wear, the mess we made while making the snack while the credits ran on a movie we were about to watch, or the bathroom that looks like it’s been used as the dressing room for a 3 act play with a cast of 20.

Watch the super fun and informative, actinalble video and find out how to stop all of this unconscious clutter, keep your rooms neat and tidy and find tons of spare time as a result.

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