The Best Motivation to Get Rid of Stuff

If you struggle with getting rid of things, especially things that mean a lot to you this video will help you take a very big step toward letting go.

The video I am sharing with you is something I do inside my Tidy Tutor University Community.

We meet twice a month for a live online get together that I call Cawfee Tawks.

The topic came about because of what Jo shared in our Private Facebook group. She was ready to let go of a cradle that had been in her bedroom for 16 years, and she told the story behind everything that was attached to it.

We heard about her son, now 16, she explained the circumstances and story that was attached to and surrounded that cradle.

At the time of her son’s birth, her father had died, her mother had slipped completely away that same year into dementia, 9-11 came close behind, and there were other timely devastating circumstances. She said that the collapsing of the twin towers and the deep feeling of sadness seemed completely symbolic of her life falling down around her.

When the baby grew out of the cradle, it became a catch-all for death certificates, eulogy scribbles, insurance papers, and other legal paperwork making it even more of a devastation to address.

This video I’m sharing with you was my response to her posting and an answer to how to let go of ANYTHING.

Our things have a story, sometimes tragic and detailed like this one and sometimes the story is a happy one without much to discuss, regardless many of our possessions have stories and those possessions can keep us trapped in a life we wish could change.

As a member of TTU, Jo has all the tools to get her home clean and organized, and she was ready to tackle this portion of it now.

She felt ready to get the cradle out of her room and unearth all of the piles that had accumulated under, in, and around it.

Inside of Tidy Tutor University, I meet with my members. I answer questions on our exclusive and private Facebook page; we have private webinars I call “Cawfee Tawk” (The video on this page is a Cawfee Tawk) I do a weekly Facebook live answering questions, and there are tons of bonus materials inside of Tidy Tutor Insiders members area.

Besides wanting to share this video with you, I wanted to let you know that for 4 Days only Tidy Tutor University is open for enrollment until April.

Everything you need to get your life together, your house cleaned up, your time managed and find peace at home is inside this digital campus.

I am there to help you every step of the way.

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If you have been thinking about it, now is the time. The enrollment is going up in April, and may have a registration fee as well, this is the time. Don’t wait. You deserve to live the life of your dreams.
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