I Just Want Someone to Make Me Happy

I wish I was able to get this blog written and video up yesterday (which was Valentine’s Day). I do apologize for it being a day late…

The idea to do this came to me suddenly and I knew I probably couldn’t do all I needed to do to get it from idea, to video, to blog page, to you, but I did do a FB Live and got the ball rolling, at least. (You can LIKE my Facebook Fan Page by clicking HERE)

After I had finished the FB live I downloaded it, edited it and was working on getting it loaded onto my YouTube channel.

While I was working on it, my daughter Katie called me and shared with me how she was disappointed by a new romance, and it being Valentine’s Day… Well it just made it all the more difficult.

So we decided to go out together and she told me she would be right over.

My sister, brother-in-law and I were just about to sit down for dinner when Katie arrived. She wasn’t hungry, but she sipped wine and hung out with us while we ate.

I KNEW then that I wouldn’t be able to get all my ducks in a row to get this out as a blog, but it was in process.

The YouTube video that is on this page was loading during dinner and all I had to do was push “publish”. To make a long story short, with complications and a (not so fast) last minute fix, I asked my sister (who I live with) to hit publish while I was out, when it finally finished loading AGAIN and she agreed.

Katie and I walked about 1/2 a mile to a local pub and had a few drinks together. We had a really good time. (Too good! LOL)

It’s ironic that the solution I mention regarding the topic of this video (“What to do when we are disappointed by what others do, or don’t do”) was exactly what Katie was practicing.

I hope you will click the Play button to watch the video.

In the video I talk about

  • How we give our power of happiness away
  • How to be happy even if we are disappointed with how others treated us
  • How to be happy even if someone doesn’t meet our expectations
  • Why we always get disappointed with people because we’re always giving and giving and not “getting” in return.
  • How to do one thing that will change a disappointing/unhappy day, into a happy one.

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