How to Get Things Done

In this video I share a solution to those days that get away from you.

Those days where you ask yourself… “I wanted to do so many things today, and I had the time, why couldn’t I get anything done?”

At the same time the help I offer in this blog will also help you accomplish specific goals that you want to achieve such as: learning a language, playing a musical instrument, getting the office cleaned up or even just have some quiet time to yourself every day.

I know that where goals are concerned, when we come up with them they are important to us, but life gets in the way and before we know it we forget what it was we even wanted to accomplish.

Sometimes though, a goal is something that we have as a burning desire so we don’t forget but can’t manage to fit the time in to make it happen.

The reason that we can’t get the things done that we want to get done and the reason we can’t make a goal a reality is because we go about our days haphazardly.

Without a plan things don’t get done. We think that having the desire is enough, but It’s not.

That phrase, fail to plan, plan to fail didn’t stand the test of time for no reason.

It’s true, if we don’t plan, then we are actually planning to fail.

It is more true for the OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) of the world because we are not left-brain dominant which is where the administrative functions resides.

Us right-brainers just don’t do things automatically for us things have to be written down and scheduled… If it’s not fun, we don’t want to do it.

I show you how to use a daily routine to guarantee that your day does not get away from you and you can get the fillable printable template HERE

You will plug in things that you do every day and there is plenty of room to add things that you WANT to do that are outside of the norm, like goals and things that maybe won’t be a forever job (such as cleaning up the office) so that we actually get to the things that make us the most happy.

Let me know what you think and what happens for you when you begin to implement this plan.


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