IGAD Disease – When you have too much time on your hands

How often have you had a plan to get stuff done on a day when you were free? And how often did you end up doing nothing you planned to do on that day?

Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed by the enormity of a project that get paralyzed… Frozen… and we can’t get started.

​​​​​​​Sometimes we just keep putting it off because we’ve got all day (ie: IGAD disease) and since we’ll only be working on the project for a few hours, we think we can do it later.

We put it off till we feel like it, but we never get around to feeling like it.

You are not the only one it happens to, you know… it happens to everyone.It’s why that statement has stood the test of time. “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

Somehow having an empty calendar is harder to deal with than a full one.

It’s important to set a specific time aside for things and if we can have accountability, that’s even better!

Here in the United States Monday, September 3rd is a holiday. Most of us do something on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend and then Monday we chill out.

Sometimes there is a BBQ to go to on that day, but it’s always in the afternoon… so I thought this would be the perfect time to schedule a Declutter Day Live.

 If you don’t know what a Declutter Day Live is, I’ll tell ya…

You register in advance and then at the designated time you click on the link you  receive upon registration and we’ll all be online together.

You don’t have to be present the entire 4 hours to receive the benefits of working together, so don’t let the possibility that you can’t be there the entire four hours deter you from signing up.

When we begin I’ll give a pep talk, and those who are ready, start working on whatever project they’ve chosen.

I will be there every step of the way the entire 4 hours.

We will be taking breaks throughout the day and meeting back online to touch base and get energized to begin again.

If you are not ready to get started immediately or have questions you can hang out with me for some personal one-on-one help.

Staying logged in while you work keeps you connected and motivated. So much is accomplished by those who participate. It’s wonderful!

In the past participants have found these group sessions, so much more productive, fun and motivating than working alone.

The time is scheduled for 9am, New York Time on September 3rd. It is not recorded. You have to treat it like you’re going to a concert or play. It’s something you have to show up for.

You will get instruction, encouragement, support, motivation and accountability from not only me, but the others who are participating.

If you can make it CLICK HERE to register. It will be September 3rd at 9am New York Time.

Read comments below from people who have enrolled in our previous Live Online meetings.
If you have any questions, hit “REPLY” and write me..
If you can make it CLICK HERE to register. It will be September 3rd at 9am New York Time.

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