Doing a ‘chore’ we don’t wan to do

This is what we are going to do this week:

Take 15 minutes every single day, in a section of your house or take care of something in your life you have been putting off and spend 15 minutes attending to it.

Tackle something that bothers you, something that you are not really fond of doing, but something that will make you so happy to get done.

It could be the trunk of your car, or the car itself.

It could be the refrigerator, or your attic, or your laundry room, or your basement, or your closet, or your bedroom or the drawers in your dresser.

It could be anything!

Rules: It has to be something that you do every single day, 15 minutes a day, until the week is over. You have to assign a time for it, just like you had a hairdresser appointment or a dentist appointment, but you don’t have to be at a meeting or the dentist, you have to be in front of your refrigerator or in your attic, or at your desk. Whatever you chose that is where you need to show up.

Set a timer and when you have worked on that area or task for 15 minutes you are done!

Let me know how you did!


The Tidy Tutor

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What a recent student sent me: “I just signed up for Tidy Tutor University a couple days ago. I mean this as a joke but I feel like saying to you , “Who gave you permission to go inside my head?” I find it uncanny the way everything you are saying right now is exactly the stance I took without your having said it to me before. I have decided that you are taking care of it for me and then I don’t have to worry about it. And that’s exactly what you said. Wonderful!
I’m very excited about this…. Anyways thanks for all of this. You are so on the right track and I feel so lucky that I ran into this. It is so right. feel encouraged when I listen to your videos and that’s not very easy for me sometimes so, thank you.” – Lisa S

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