One thing I hated about being a mother :(

I have 5 children, and while I loved being a mommy, so many of the years I spent with my kids was yelling about the mess, the lost homework, the missing book, trying to get them to help out around the house, & clean their rooms, you know what I’m talking about!

Some days getting ready in the mornings was maddening!

That part of being a mother I didn’t like at all!

I felt so guilty!

I would go to bed almost every night promising myself as I fell asleep, “Tomorrow I’m not going to yell so much 🙁 !”

And, of course… “I’m going to get the house cleaned up! I’m going to get organized!”

It took me YEARS to figure it out! It doesn’t have to take you another day!

It can happen for you TODAY!!!

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Tidy Tutor University testimonial olga
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OH! When I asked becky if I could share the message she wrote me about Tidy Tutor University, I have a copy and paste of her response.

Do you think TTU is only about getting the house cleaned up? the side effects are amazing! What will they be for you!?!

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