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I am having a Declutter Day / Getting Stuff Done Live, online meeting tomorrow that I would like you to participate in.

It is a day where you will actually DO the things you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t been doing with me!

We connect with others who will be online too, in a virtual meeting… ¬†They will be working on their own individual projects while you work on yours.

If there is something you plan on getting to this is a sure way that you actually will do what you plan on!

I thought I would sharing 2 videos I’ve done on how to declutter papers.

If you want to get to papers tomorrow this will give you a great “HOW TO” head start… and tomorrow you can login to our live event and actually DO IT!

Remember I WILL BE LIVE tomorrow where you can ask me questions about this, or get any support from me!!

CLICK HERE to sign up for our online meeting tomorrow which will take place at 9am New York Time and end at 1pm.

You can click on the video below to watch the “how to” address paper clutter.

Here are the tings you will need:
* 1 or more apple boxes or big plastic bins (it depends on the amount of papers you’ve got)
* some twine (you can use yarn or ribbon if you have that hanging around)
* a pen and some scrap paper
* rubber bands (the kind that the mailman uses to wrap up the mail sometimes)
* and a scissor.

Below is video 2. This is what to do next, after we clear up our space… how NOT to allow it to get all messed up with papers again.

Don’t sabatage your desires. Sign up for our declutter / Get stuff Done event tomorrow. You won’t believe how much you’ll get done in 4 hours!!


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