#2 Dejunking Together – Under the Bathroom Sink

OK, grab your laptop or smart phone and let’s dejunk a underneath your bathroom sink together. In this video I dejunk and organize underneath my cousin’s bathroom sink.My cousin was away and his sister (also my cousin of course) was dog sitting f or him. I love when she dog sits there, she always invites me to stay with her a few days. He lives very close to Philadelphia and it is lovely there. He has a beautiful salt water pool in his yard and all around it is a win-win for me to be with my cousin Martina, work away from home and enjoy the different atmosphere.  

Me: “Martina, do you think your sister-in-law would mind if I did a video dejunking under her bathroom sink?”Martina: “No, I’m sure she’ll be thankful.” Me: “Are you sure?  Why don’t you call and ask?”Martina: “It will be fine, just do it!”You don’t gotta tell me twice! Done!Me and Martina are more like sisters, we grew up next door to each other (yeah, it’s true, Italians buy houses next to each other and families live on the same block.) I was born in June and she was born in August of the same year we’ve always been close. (Just in case you care 🙂

Tomorrow we are at my sisters inside of a catchall closet. These things happen even in the Organizationally Gifted people’s homes. For this day all you will need a garbage bag, maybe another one for things you might donate and a box in case you have things to carry to another place in the house to put away. 

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