#3 Dejunking Together – The Catchall Closet

My sister is an Organizationally Gifted person. Every part of her house is ordered…

…drawers, cabinets, garage closets, everything. Except for this area in her basement.

I always thought that every OGP (Organizationally Gifted Person) had a perfect home.

Not only is that not true, but many OGP aren’t actually OG!

Take one of my nieces for example. Her home is wonderfully neat, and I never would have believed that she was OC (Organizationally Challenged) but she struggles with keeping up. When the cleaning lady comes every week the day before she has to dash about tidying things up for her, and she confessed that her closets can really become unmanageable… but honestly, is it any wonder?

We are playing a completely different new game of life but we are all trying to play by the same old rules! (Look out for my next blog about this!)

Well anyway, here we are this week in my sister Maria’s “Catch-All Closet” in her basement.

Go to a closet that you would like to tackle and do it along with me!

You will need a garbage, a box or basket to bring things to another room in the house, a give away box and some tape may come in handy.

See you Tomorrow where we will dejunk clothes. (You will need: A garbage, give away, and for the laundry section of this one… some kind of basket to put the clothes in once folded to put away)

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