#1 Dejunking Together – Tupperware Cabinet at Roberta’s

Grab your laptop or smart phone and let’s dejunk a kitchen cabinet together. In this video I dejunk and organize my girlfriend Roberta’s Tupperware cabinet in her kitchen. I was staying there for the weekend watching her dogs and cats while she and her husband went away.

So I took full video opportunity advantage! “Roberta, can I dejunk your pantry?”  Her response: “NO! Stay out of my pantry. You can do my Tupperware cabinet.” So, Battaboom! DONE! (I’ve been friends with Roberta since the 7th grade)Get on down with me and open up your plastic food storage cabinet and let’s do this thing together!

Tomorrow we are at my cousin’s house and we dejunk under the bathroom sink, look out for the email it will come to you automatically if you are subscribed to this series. If you are not and happened on this page somehow you can CLICK HERE and subscribe so you don’t miss out.  

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