Cleaning With Company – The Kitchen

Introducing Cleaning With Company!

Want to clean the kitchen? Here we do it together 🙂

This is an audio that you can download and listen to while you
are cleaning your kitchen.

I love it when I have company cleaning, it goes so fast.

We work on a room together, here we are in the kitchen.

This is not to get the clutter out, it is AFTER it has been dejunked
and needs to be maintained. So if you are still De-junking, keep dejunking
cleaning cant happen till you are done with that.

Here we work on the kitchen together for about an hour, till it is all done.
It is kinda like we are talking on the phone while we are cleaning.

Click the play button below to listen (it is that little white triange in the orange circle below)

I love to clean with company, I figured that you might to 🙂

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