Rhonda’s Journey – Overwhelm

Stepping over garbage? Have you done that?

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November 8


And love your daughter reading it! 🙂 She cracks me up!

Hope it helps the Universe!
Rhonda as a name rocks! Seeming that I’m part Greek and that this
whole journey is like spearing through these “rough islands” of complacency
then it’s perfect!!

The name Rhonda has several different origins.

  • Rhonda is most likely of Welsh origin, from rhon meaning
    “spear” and da meaning “good.”[1] The meaning of Rhonda is
    therefore “good spear” or “good lance.”
  • Rhonda may come from Rhondda, the name of a river in Wales
    which means “noisy.”[1]
  • Rhonda may also be a combination of the names Rhoda and Rhona.[1]
    Rhoda derives from the Greek rhodon, meaning “rose.” Rhona may derive
    from the Gaelic rona, meaning “rough island,”[1] or it may related to the
    name Rose. Rhoda may also be related to Rhodes, a region of Greece.
    Therefore, the name might mean “woman of Rhodes.”

Day 8 – Journey to Oneness

Funny how I can “think” something through.

I believe if there were a masters in that department I probably have held
one since birth.

I have celebrated and am still celebrating the cleanliness of my fridge.

How I know where everything is and how I have categorized everything
for easy access and genre.

Before complete clutter (B.C.C.) I was very adamant about the major part
of my room.

Although all the flowers ever given me were on top of a vanity dresser,
I made sure I designed my room in a thematic way.

My waterbed sheets had to be washed often, my clothing too. I hung my
clothes up. I had a display of art and my shelves were categorized.

Inside my closet were 3 garbage bags full of nothingness.

And now I remember my friends in high school actually wanted to throw it
away but I didn’t let them as I knew it was “worth something”

Little do they and i know that that was a foreshadow of my life today 20 years
later that have almost consumed me.

Last night, Kateri went potty in the kitchen.

She hates the rain and would rather not go outside to do her business.

So she went and I didn’t see it amidst the mess on the floor still uncleaned.

When I stepped on it, I considered just leaving my slippers outside and deal
with it tomorrow.

But I thought it to do it right away and so I did.

And then she went again in the hallway.

And I thought of the many times she had gone at some spots and what I
would do is get an old cloth or fabric already on the floor to dab and dry it.

Not even clean from under it with a wipe.

Last night, I thought to clean it with wipes.

And disinfect it.

And I threw the stuff of fabric from the hallway.

I guess what I always thought was that it was disgusting and I’m
unhappy about her doing it.

But then I realized also that if I were her and she went outside in
the rain to an uncleaned yard, she was stepping on poop too and she
didn’t like it as well!

So this was a reality check for me. I must keep her area clean too as
she doesn’t like to have to step on it!

So today I plan to clean the yard and the hallway.

And haul more things into the storage.
I am excited!!! 🙂

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